Monday, May 21, 2012

A Time to Eat.....

I recently watched a news documentary where the news anchor was on an assignment to go to a weight management resort in Europe.  It was a posh hotel where “people with money or the rich and powerful” went to get away and lose weight.  The philosophy of this resort was to “eat and be merry”, however they counseled about “eating the right foods at the right time.”  It was interesting because the client’s eyes would light up when they would bring out their food.  They were surprised about that they could have and how the program worked.

I know that this kind of thinking can be incorporated into our own lives.  You don’t have to be rich and check yourself into a luxury resort to know how to eat and manage your weight.  With a few tweaks in your eating schedule and some discipline you can “have your cake and eat it too.”

Here are some suggestions for staying slim and eating the foods you enjoy:

1.       Eat most of your carbohydrates early in the day.  You should eat complex carbs early in your day so that your body has a chance to burn the carbs and calories before bed.

2.      Consume foods high in carbs, sugar and fat in moderation.  Do not forbid yourself, but instead of eating a large portion, eat half or choose a smaller piece of that irresistible dessert.

3.      Make sure your evening meal consists of mostly protein and vegetables because these foods will not turn to fat as easily.

4.      Exercise whenever you can.  If you are constantly moving and staying active then you will be burning calories constantly and you won’t have to worry about limiting them as much.  Working out 3-5 times a week is a plus.

5.       Don't fight stress with food.

Just use common sense when it comes to eating.  Don’t take all the joy out of eating by forbidding certain foods,  make wise choices and enjoy.  If you want to indulge don’t forget the Cheat so that you can eliminate 25% of the calories in your food.  The right supplements can help too.  Choose Xyng and Axion to boost your energy and fill your body with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Accelerate can assist in boosting your metabolism during exercise.  Then at the end of the day Flush can be used as a gentle, natural way to help your body easily get rid of waste.  Eat right, exercise and get the right nutrients for a healthier, happy you.

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